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Dan Summer

Date of birth: September 19, 1998

Place of birth: Biarritz Gender:

Male Height: 60 cm

Nationality: Basque

Eye color: Blue

Particular sign: Surfing a passion, waves a religion, sliding on smooth seas, his tattoo "I love mom" on the thigh .

Personality: Fiery and charming, tending to focus on his passion: surfing. With orange eyes, he scans from morning to evening from the beach the wind and the cumulonimbus which draw the blue of the skies and which form his playground: the waves. As a prolific surfer, he stalks the blondes of the neighborhood to narrate in superlatives his exalted take-offs. Some young girls are in love with him, but "king of the Glisse" hand on heart, he will remain eternally faithful to his mother: Dona Summer. His tic of language: It's raining Dan, alleluia!