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Agathe and Elisabeth Chauvel, creators of memories in Saint-Malo

Creations inspired by the Emerald Coast

It is the complicity of a mother and a daughter and the desire to create that pushed these two Saint-Malo residents to combine their talents. Agathe is a product designer and Elisabeth is a designer of decorative objects. Inspired by Saint-Malo, a city of character and history, the wind and the sea, in March 2020 they embarked on the creation of a collection of weather vanes intended to enchant the outdoors beyond the ramparts of intra muros.

Breton memories, from mother to daughter

Inspired by the childhood memories of a marvelous garden, that of Jeanne de Kerlin in Trévignon in Brittany where little girl, Elisabeth, her sister and her brother, loved to play for hours, her daughter Agathe seizes it at her turn to imagine and create the characters in their collection. Passionate about poetry, art, entertainment and nature, Elisabeth and Agathe invent the Ritournailes, a family of joyful and colorful weathervanes, with strong characters, like the corsair city.

French creation of the country of Chateaubriand

Born in 2022, after several years of research and testing, their Saint-Malo weathervanes are now being established outside France and beyond the seas. They make the hearts of your gardens, balconies and terraces beat faster. They even invite themselves on the roofs of buildings. The weather vanes become your children's play partners, the creators of unforgettable memories made in Breizh, the guardians of your orchards and vegetable gardens in the face of greedy birds, or the artists of enchanting shows in your lives.

Capsule collections… Always Made in Saint-Malo

Original gifts or souvenirs of your holidays on the Emerald Coast, the collection of weather vanes is set to expand according to the inspiration of Elisabeth and Agathe, and customer requests. Together, they give life to collaborations with illustrators and designers from Brittany and elsewhere according to their favorites for their imagination or their graphic universes: Zoé, Bahar, Mélinda. Elisabeth and Agathe then offer you, in addition to their original collection, superb capsule collections...