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Les Ritounailes: original exterior decoration, made with love in Saint-Malo

Les Ritournailes, a brand of decorative objects for gardens, terraces and balconies. Created in 2022 by Élisabeth and Agathe Chauvel, the Ritournailes revisit the world of the weather vane by giving life to a series of colourful, picturesque and jovial characters who reveal their personality and their history in the breath of the wind.

Discover the whole story behind our range of outdoor decoration accessories.

Decorate the exterior as a room in the house

Large garden or small balcony, make your outdoor space a pleasant place to live thanks to Ritournailes. Adopt one or more characters, and stage them in your garden. They will then reveal their finest talents by turning your exteriors into real filming locations: scaring away the greedy birds from the plants in your vegetable garden, entertaining young and old from the terrace, livening up your balconies with the breeze... The dancing sculptures Ritournailes interpret a different character seen from the front or seen from the back, and arouse the curiosity of passers-by.

From 5 to 102 years old, take care of your inner child thanks to the spirit of the wind.

Durable and resistant decorative accessories

Each product from the workshop is designed to decorate your garden durably thanks to its high resistance. The colors and patterns of the Ritournailes have been designed so that you can enjoy their youth for as long as possible. Each weather vane is made to last and resist time, weather and light, thanks to the manufacturing process and materials selected for their quality and durability.

The design weathervanes that enliven the gardens

The Ritournailes aim to dust off the traditional image of the weather vane thanks to a completely revisited design. We have therefore declined a series of wacky, poetic and dreamlike characters that animate the exterior of the house, and come to life in the breath of the wind. Original weathervanes that add an artistic and trendy touch to your garden, terrace or balcony.

Manufacturing in Saint-Malo in Brittany

All Les Ritournailes decorative accessories are made with love in our workshops in Saint Malo in Brittany, from where they are shipped to adorn your gardens. From the idea to the assembly, the weather vanes are 100% artisanal, and we favor made in Brittany and made in France when choosing our best suppliers.

Patented invention

The assembly process as well as the visuals of the Ritournailes weather vanes were recognized by the INPI in 2022, each weather vane model is unique and the process innovative.

Responsible outdoor decoration

The connecting pieces and rods are cleverly designed to adapt to any decor of weather vanes in a desire for circular economy. The weather vane decorations are sold separately and are interchangeable if you want to expand your collection, change or create new models according to your desires, repair a connecting piece.