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Les ritournailes

They laugh, they turn and they have wings!

Les Ritournailes

Discover them

Stella Mour

Captivating, hard-hitting, rebellious, she is the pearl of filmmakers and our weather vane specialist in stripping the ball. Discover

Mado Crolé

Mado, windmill and Nordic synchronized swimming champion. She defied the Baltic and Atlantic currents in a backstroke with style. Discover

Omar Chéri

The lobster is our wind vane with a tender heart, it turns blue in winter when it lets itself be carried by the cool currents of the English Channel. Discover

Dan Summer

Surfing a passion, waves a religion, forged for sliding on smooth seas, his “I love mom” tattoo on his thigh. Discover

The Irenes

100% Saint-Malo creations, they are the 5 queens that adorn the Bon Secours diving board scene. Discover

Focus on the creators


Who are the Ritournailes, original Falkland weathervanes?

Revisiting the world of the weather vane

Weathervanes are generally metal or copper ornaments that animate the roofs of houses with the wind. In order to revisit the world of the traditional weather vane, Agathe and Elisabeth Chauvel created Les Ritournailes in 2022, in aluminum composite panel, a series of original, colorful, picturesque and jovial characters who reveal their personality and their history in the wind.

Weathervanes to animate the garden

Give them a bit of love and put them on stage! The exterior of the house becomes a real showplace where our weathervanes come alive and reveal their finest artistic talents. They interpret a different character seen from the front or seen from the back, and pique the curiosity of passers-by. You are their director of these original windmills: make them turn, fly, and amuse your audience from 5 to 102 years old. In a detective style: weathervanes scare birds away in your vegetable garden. In a comical genre: they amuse friends on your terrace. As a fictional character: they animate your balconies. In Commedia dell'arte: they dance to the tunes of your garden.

High resistance weather vanes

Les Ritournailes weathervanes are designed to keep their youthful glow whatever the weather! Particular care is taken in the manufacturing process, and in the quality of the materials selected for their durability. The weather vanes are thus made to last over time and resist bad weather and light.

Les Ritournailes: original decorative gifts

Les Ritournailes aim to dust off the traditional image of the wrought iron roof weather vane in the shape of a rooster. We have therefore declined a series of wacky, poetic and dreamlike characters that come to life in the breath of the wind. Original weathervanes that add an artistic touch to your garden.

Manufacturing in Saint-Malo in Brittany

Les Ritournailes weathervanes are made with love in our workshops in Saint-Malo in Brittany, from where they take off to reach your exteriors. From the idea to the assembly, we favor the made in Brittany and the made in France to choose the best suppliers.

Ritournails: a patented invention

The assembly process as well as the visuals of Les Ritournailes® weather vanes were recognized by the INPI in 2022, each weather vane model is new, unique and the process innovative.

Weather vanes with interchangeable decorations

The connecting pieces and rods are cleverly designed to adapt to any decor of weather vanes in a desire for circular economy. The weather vane decorations are sold separately and are interchangeable if you want to expand your collection, change or create new models according to your desires, repair a connecting piece.

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