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Mado Crolé

Date of birth: June 1, 1965
Place of birth: Saint-Malo
Gender: Female
Size: 60cm
Nationality: Swedish
Eye color: Green

Distinguishing feature:

Her marine crimson swimsuit and forest polka dots.


Mado is a Nordic synchronized swimming champion. She defied the Baltic and Atlantic currents in a backstroke with style. This princess of the oceans goes back in time and the wind. Her pretty eyes change color with the light and her landmark, the pole star, guides her according to Homer to the ends of the universe where this earth begins. Mado pursues this extraordinary childish chimera, reaching the Island of the Blessed. She dreams of contemplating all the elements at sunrise and playing with the wind, frolicking on the stars in the firmament, and feeling alive at sunset.

Her language tic:

She likes to sing about her blue paradise.