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Stella Mour

Date of birth: June 14, 1978
Birthplace: London
Gender: Female
Height: 60 cm juggling arms
Nationality: Dual Franco-English
Eye color: Brown

Special sign :

A double identity: actress, pin-up
day and very secret agent, very 007 at night…

Personality :

Captivating, hard-hitting, rebellious, she is the pearl of filmmakers and a specialist in stripping the ball. Gold medalist in dagger throwing in 1998, she was then hired by Madame M of Her Majesty's Secret Service. Stella Mour (in homage to Roger) accompanies James on the most perilous missions to thwart the enemy thanks to her telescopic dagger and her drone balloons. Loyal and professional, Stella remains indifferent to the charms of "Oh James".

His language tic:

My Name is Mour, Stella Mour.