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Omar Chéri

Date of birth: May 14, 2001
Place of birth: Saint-Malo
Gender: Male
Size: 60 cm antennas unfolded
Nationality: Breton
Eye color: Black

Special sign :

Beneath a tender heart, a shell that blushes in the spring at the sight of the little reddish nuggets, it turns blue in the winter when it lets itself be carried away by the cool currents of the English Channel.

Personality :

Teaser to the end of the antennae, he teases sardines, cherishes moray eels and all the pretty mermaids of the seabed. Dancer-crooner-charmer, he seizes a mackerel as a microphone, he deploys his twelve clappers one by one. Breton arabesques on the side, high tide steps between wakame seaweed, then leapfrog suspended over the fish, it's off to an enchanted ballet to a tune by Beyoncé.

His language tic:

Get up my darlings, the tide is rising!